Do you know a Game Changer?

Gamechanger (n.): Someone who flips the script, takes risks and makes a difference in their organization and their community.


Nominations are now open for the third annual Minot Magazine Game Changer Awards! The winners will be announced at our second annual Game Changers Celebration and published in our Winter 2021 issue. Stay tuned for event information! Nominations close on December 1, 2020 and the winners will be selected by a panel of judges based on these nominations. That means you're the advocate for your nominee, so make it count! 

A Game Changer is someone who flips the script, takes risks, and makes a difference in their organization and their community. We encourage you to focus on those who are pushing our community or their organization forward behind the scenes, as well as in the public eye. Nominees can be nominated for their paid work or volunteer efforts. Please tell us why you think your nominee (an individual or team) should be a 2021 Game Changer. If you’d like to nominate multiple people, please use one form for each.

Candy Stripes

2019 Game Changer Winners

Allison Auch

Full STEAM Ahead

Matt Dunlevy


Jon Lakoduk

The Tap Room / Fun on a Bun

Megan Laudenschlager

Strengthen ND

Shaun Sipma

City of Minot

2020 Game Changer Winners

Jessica Ackerman

Aksal Group / The Depot

Tim Baumann

Environmentally Minded People of Minot

Kevin Black

Creedence Energy Services / Creedence Properties

Jonah Lantto

GoodTalk Network

Josh & Tifany Wolla

Hitchin' Kitchen

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